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November 18, 2007


We attach our life to other lives around us, like clipping together magnetic toys, until finally we have a shape that we are happy with. Or maybe just satisfied with. Or maybe we just got tired.
I took the same approach with my universes, picking a bunch, figuring out vague relationships and then slotting them together in a multi-dimensional puzzle. It's an experiment. I have two groups of universes, one group uses the relationships linking technique, the other group is purely random. The experiment is to observe whether beings in the first group ever detect the, somewhat vague, ordering.

And whether the second group will invent an ordering where there is none. I think I prefer the random selection. I set the search on randomise and chuckled as it threw up each universe. Amazing what fun you can have with universal constraints

I look at my life and realise that the connections have been broken. Whereas once I was part of a rigid intricate construction, now I am alone. Snapped apart from friends and family. I create new friends, but it's not the same. I know them, I create them. It's a lie.

I search for new family.

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