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November 26, 2007

Coming Home

They came back. No one expected that. They had been sent away, packed into a generation ship and pointed towards some non-existent hope.
Ten generations later and the ship roared back into the orbit it had once left. And its inhabitants were no longer the dregs of society, they were smart and strong and looking for revenge.
The skies swarmed with the prodigal sons and daughters, vengeful angels from the past. Those that had sent them panicked, fearful of the mess their ancestors had created.
Chaos. Without a single act of aggression.
And those who returned realised that they were so far above the planet bound as to be another species. Above them. In so many ways. It wasn't sorrow, or regret, or mercy. Just indifference.
The old world was gloomy, dank, depressing.
So they left. Again.

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