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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, an update

An Exclusive update on the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy film.
Given as the very last talk at NotCon04...
  • Who are you? Yoz Grahame and another bloke (sorry missed your name). They worked with Douglas Adams at Digital Village, Starship Titanic, h2g2.com. Now just sort of (super) fans.
  • The film will have lots of Easter Eggs in it.
  • The history.... Ivan Reitman liked it but wanted a different answer than 42. They wanted Star Wars with jokes. This all happened in the 80's. Douglas Adams described the Hollywood studio process like "Trying grill a steak by having a succession of people come and breathe on it". Late 90's it started coming together but then the actors strike upset things. Then DA died and lots of work had to be done to get it out.
  • Hammer and Tongs are the production company, they've done some very cool music vids. They almost didn't do it because they thought Hollywood would ruin it. But Karey Kirkpatrick, master screenwriter, compiled drafts of DA's into a cool script. Jim Henson's creature workshop are also involved.
  • It's looking very good. The guys have visited the set a couple of times and it's amazing. Great attention to detail. They have stood on The Heart Of Gold, have even got the instructions for the ship. The set has 4000 lightbulbs lighting up dashboard. They've built large chunks of the Heart Of Gold ship, no partial sets.
  • The overall design is different (radically) from how it was been imagined before. eg. Marvin looks different. Zaphod looks like he has two heads (hurrah).
  • The story is (of course) different from any other version of the story. Loads of new stuff from DA. Some stuff chopped around eg. creation of improbabillity drive moved from a mention in the guide to elsewhere. Lots of new stuff in the middle, visit planets that they haven't done before. Definitely not a romantic comedy, despite what Karey said in his blog post.
  • Websites - The official Disney web site, including blog. Also launching a movie blog on the official douglas adams site including RSS feed (Disney didn't like RSS on the film site (somebody write and share a web scraper please, or I might do it myself)).
  • Due Summer 2005.
    Answers to questions
  • There will be a voice of the book but it hasn't been decided who yet.
  • Lots of DVD extras going on.
  • No news of a video game.
  • Any news of a DA cameo? Can't answer that but they smiled
  • How far through the story does the film go? Nervous fumbling.


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