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May 17, 2011

Flashpoint Issue 1

I grew up reading UK comics like 2000AD, so the foreign imports of Marvel and DC were, well, foreign. I dabbled in Marvel for a bit when a friend at school was collecting them (hello Steven Tsang!), and then I read some Batman graphic novels.

I know the least about the DC Comics universe, which is strange as Batman is probably the most interesting "super hero" I can think of.  So it was with interest that I started reading Flashpoint #1. The press release that DC sent me with the issue talks about a DC Universe wide story, crossing many characters and turning everything upside down. Which is fine, if you knew the status quo beforehand. I didn't.

Consequently much of the first issue was lost on me, I don't know who were villains before, or who are heroes now. It was like one big in joke/twist.

The art was fine, standard, modern, crisp. (With seemingly obligatorily scantily clad women, still.) The writing was okay. But ultimately it is a comic for fans of DC Comics universe. If you are one of those fans, you're probably going to love it. If not you need to spend a few months revising your DC universe.

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You just nailed one of the problems with the US comics business. DC (and Marvel) constantly put out crossover comics featuring 'Earth changing events' which require a knowledge of the status quo. Unfortunately, there are less and less people every year who are willing to buy dozens of titles a month just to follow the convoluted continuity (which will change anyway). Therefore, each new crossover reaches fewer and fewer committed readers.

I don't buy any Marvel or DC Universe comics regularly. I will glance at the last page of any superhero comic that catches my eye to make sure that there is a 'The End' before i buy. If there is a continuing story or it leads into another title, back on the rack it goes.