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February 9, 2011

Outcasts - Episode 2

Outcasts episode 2 continues the story immediately after episode one. This time we have new colonists, a creepy prayer group with a cult leader and rogue clones.

It didn’t live up to the promise of the first episode but it wasn’t bad. It was let down by the fact that the new plots this episode seemed rather predictable: a hostage situation, an imminent power struggle, a man with presumably a violent past. Well, it’s predictable if you’re a SF fan, perhaps the rogue clones would be a surprise other people.

What is still good is the density of the story, everyone has a story and the plots are seething to kick off. I suppose it’s what we expect now after Lost but still.

The visual were still okay, but inside better than outside, which is starting to look a bit like South Africa. Somehow the first episode felt a bit more alien. Oh, and I like the lens flares, of course.

It still has plenty of potential but needs to impress with the next episode.


The first episode looked..um. decent for a pilot.
didn't see the second one yet.
but a religious group?
why does scifi on tv feel all the same?

Why is there always an evil cult leader?