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January 29, 2011

Week Notes 29th Jan 2011

Well this was pretty much the same as last week, and it seemed to fly by. Very low actual Science Fiction intake, but some reading about Science Fiction. That needs to change I think.

This week I have:

  • Finished Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. Very entertaining.
  • Interzone #232 with stories that had some interesting ideas and some nice artwork. As usual I preferred the more Science Fictional ones. Stories included:
    • Noam Chomsky And The Time Box by Douglas Lain. A story about a portable time machine gadget and a bloggers attempt to change time.
    • Intellectual Property by Michael R. Fletcher. To ensure company secrets employees wear a plug in their head which partitions their memory and results in no knowledge of their day job.
    • By Plucking Her Petals by Sarah L. Edwards. Fantasy story in which the essence of beauty can be sucked from people and resold.
    • Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise by Sue Burke. A personal AI watched over a young woman on a visit to Spain.
  • Started Zero History by William Gibson. About two pages in.
  • Usual collection of blogs. I seem to constantly have about ten tabs open on my browser of things to read and ten articles left unread in Google Reader. Far too much to read. I might have to start culling blogs.


No SF TV at the moment. Although the Outcasts trailer is on heavy repeat on the BBC. Service is interesting beyond the usual reality show, I’ve been fascinated at how a group of young men and women are motivated to become better at something. It ties in with the books I’ve been reading about success and how to get better at things. No shouting by Michel Roux, just calm, positive, patient encouragement which seems to be paying dividends.


Listened To

Even fewer podcasts this week.

  • 37Signals on hiring.
  • Kermode and Mayo's film reviews, including talk of the BAFTA nominations.
  • The Decemberists – The King Is Dead. Just discovered them on Spotify despite hearing about them a while ago. Folky and I’m liking it.


  • Submitted a story every day again. I’m now on the highest number of submissions and responses I’ve ever had in a month, with so far one sale.
  • Started writing a new story, but as usual came up with an idea and no plot. Wrote the first few paragraphs then stalled.


  • Usual collection of random stuff on my Tumblr blog http://bigdumbobject.tumblr.com/. It’s usually stuff that’s not quite SF, and without much comment. In other words a tumblelog. Or a proper old skool weblog. Like in the old days. When we were kids.