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January 2, 2011

My Writing Year

It’s the start of a new year, so I’ve decided to look back on 2010 from the point of view of my writing.

I’ve had a couple of successes, and hit some major milestones, but overall this year had felt a bit weak.


On the success side my story The Rules Of Utopia was published in DayBreak Magazine, which was my first pro sale. Also, my story Together was published in A Fly In Amber. And I won the James White Award with my story Flock, Shoal, Herd. All three of these stories I really like so it was great for them to find a home or recognition.

Also an achievement, although it doesn’t feel like a success, was tackling my large backlog of handwritten stories. I started in September, and haven’t finished yet, typing up thirty stories so far.



The number of stories I submitted this year was the lowest ever, only twenty, a very poor effort. One of the things within my control is the amount of stories I submit, I should raise my level.

My production of new stories this year has also been very low, and those that were finished felt like a tortuous process. Writing does not appear to be getting easier.

The amount of time I spent writing has been lower than usual, for a variety of reasons. This is something almost within my control, or rather within my control to a certain extent, and so I should spend more hours writing.

I failed to sell anything to Print. This includes anthologies or print magazines. Maybe this milestone is becoming less important but I’d still like to see my work in print in paper.


Aims For 2010

  • To work harder and get better. The harder bit sounds easy: write more hours? Perhaps. But it needs to be effective effort and I’m not quite sure how to achieve that yet. Which is frustrating because I thin getting better derives from working harder and effectively. I need to be productive not just churn away.
  • Submit more stories. I’m going to try submitting one story a day and see how far I get. I’ll probably run out of markets or stories.
  • Write some quality short stories.
  • Sell stories to more pro markets. (Hopefully a consequence of the previous two points.)
  • Start thinking about my novels again.

Is that enough? Are they too vague? Not sure, I’ll let them change as the year goes on, but that’s what I’m starting with.

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Sounds like a good set of goals, just remember though that quantity and quality affect each other.

Hope you get more out of this year than last.