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November 19, 2010

The Windup Girl Finally Gets A UK Release

Up until now the fabulous The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (review) has been only available officially in the US, published by Night Shade Books. What this has meant is that anyone in the UK who wanted to read it (like me) had to buy the US version. The availability was not too bad, I got mine from Amazon, and the price was not too bad, a few quid more than normal. However it did mean that it couldn’t be nominated for, let alone win, any UK based awards, such as the BSFA Award or The Clarke Award.

All of that is about to change as on 2nd December 2010 Orbit will publish a UK version of The Windup Girl. Hurrah! It’s available in paperback, audio edition or on the Kindle.


Is it any good though? I did get Amazon punting it to me as an item I may like...

Just read the review, sounds like a pretty cool book and I'll definitely give it a go when I get a chance.

Does it read anything like Ian McDonald's stories that are set in his mid-21st century Indian setting? Meaning, really colorful because a substantial part of the world building focuses on Indian culture, traditions, language, etc. Or is Thailand just an afterthought?