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November 25, 2010

Star Wars Leia Merchandise Gets Even Worse

The Star Wars shop is full of tat. They keep emailing me about it. But the tat keeps getting worse. Especially the Leia, Slave girl stuff.

I know they’re aiming for middle-aged geeks who fell in love with Princess Leia when they were young, but isn’t this iPhone case going a bit far?

And then you get a pen that changes from Leia in white dress to Leia in slave girl outfit. Like one of those cheap naked women pens.

You can either laugh, be offended or drool. Personally I’m a bit bemused, when did Star Wars become a licence to sell crap like this?


I'll admit to a faint chuckle, but also share your bemusement; this slave leia thing really does seem to have taken off a bit (though I'll accept that's just an impression based on my fairly poor memory) ;)

The other thing is the utter weirdness of the back/midriff of the Leia on the iPhone case. Frankly kind of disturbing - and I have a fairly high tolerance for comic-book distorted anatomy.

I love the iPhone cover!!! It is so over the top that it becomes camp.

When did Star Wars become a licence to sell crap like this?

I think they've actually been selling crap like this for about 33 years (from someone whose bedroom was decorated with Empire Strikes Back crap throughout the 1980s...)