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August 12, 2010

Photos Of BBC SF Show Outcasts

Den Of Geek has some photos of the upcoming SF BBC TV show Outcasts. It's made by the Spooks and Hustle team. I have hight hopes. (Thanks to Dave for the tip.) Here's one of them...


Wow a sci-fi programme made by the same team as spooks. I love spooks so I have high hopes for this...

I watched the first episode of the much publicised, 'Outcasts' last night.'

The biggest disappointment for me was that a lot of the dialogue seemed to be unintelligible, either because the cast seemed to be mumbling or the sound team was deficient (difficult to know which).

I'll watch the second episode tonight, on a different television - perhaps that was the problem, but I doubt it.

It will be a shame for what seems to be a 'big budget' series to be spoilt by bad sound..... we'll see.....