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July 7, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio has a bit of an aversion to science fiction

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Christopher Nolan's new film, Inception, which appears to be about crashing into people's dreams. 

Why is it DiCaprio's first science fiction film? 

"I have a bit of an aversion to science fiction," he said at a recent press conference for the film, "because it's hard for me to emotionally invest in worlds that are too far detached from worlds that I know." 

But director Chris Nolan's science fiction scenes, he says, "are deeply rooted in things we've seen before. There are cultural references. It feels like a world that's tactile and we can jump into. It's not too much of a leap of faith to make."

So Leo has a lack of imagination and can't cope with anything he doesn't know?!

Via USA Today


I don't understand why everyone thinks he is so great anyway, I am glad he has up to now kept himself out of SF. I like Nolan a lot but I have no idea why him and Scorsese are so excited by DiCaprio. I watched Body of Liesr recently and it just maintained my idea that Di Caprio can't act.

I'll watch the film anyway I guess, as Nolan tends to deliver, but i hope to hell Leo does not show up in the ALien prequel/next star trek movie or anything else I care too much about.