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May 23, 2010

5 Lost Spin-offs I'd Love To See

Normally I hate spin-offs. And remakes. Channel your energy into something new please. However here's the exception: Lost spinoffs! Unsurprisingly, due to the quality of Lost, I could imagine most of the main characters in their own show. This is what I'd like to see.

The Sawyer And Miles Cop Show
It's the most obvious and has been talked about in many other places, mainly because it's a great idea. Sawyer: became a cop to seek revenge for his parents death. Miles: hears dead people. Together they are: Sawyer and Miles. The story arc could be weak but ongoing, the main  enjoyment of the show being Sawyer's wise-cracking and pretence that he's bad and cares for no one. Could run forever and ever.

Kate On The Run
Like the Hulk without the Hulk bit. Or perhaps more accurately The Fugitive. She's a woman on the run for a crime she did commit, but for which we're happy to forgive her for. She's tough and hard and beautiful. The men fall in love with her. The cops are forever frustrated. The ongoing story arc is Kate running from the obsessed Federal Marshall. We watch every week, knowing Kate will find a cunning way to escape and hoping she'll get to finally settle down with the man of her dreams. Again, endless possibilities to run and run.

Drive Shaft
Charlie and the Drive Shaft band in a story of Rock'n'Roll and life. A serious (with black humour moments) study of life on the road, of surviving the Rock music business. Drugs, sex, loud music. Following Drive Shaft from before their success, to after and beyond. Can they write another hit album? Will they self destruct? Shot with a hand-held camera, artistic, in your face and intense. Just one season: better to burn out than to fade away.

Not Desmond's but Desmond. The story of a man who fixes destiny. How does he know what's supposed to happen? What is he getting out of it? Sometimes he's good, sometimes he runs over people in wheelchairs. We can never quite pin him down. The story arc is long and mysterious with more questions than answers. Desmond flits from place to place. There are clues everywhere. Flashbacks galore. Close to Lost in style. Runs for a seven year arc, with everything answered at the end.

Daniel: Mad Physicist
Daniel Faraday is the genius physicist working on a time machine. Evil forces are ranged against him. Is it the Government? The Military? Or worse. Filmed in Oxford with excursions to other scenic parts of the UK. Brian Cox has a cameo. Would somehow have to overcome the complications of the Lost time line, maybe by setting it in a small window before the show? Treading the difficult line between intrigue and science. Runs for three years, whereupon at the end he travels to The Island.

Not quite good enough...
Ones that aren't quite good enough to make it past a pilot episode:

Jack the doctor. Troubled but nice. Man of science. Becomes to similar to every other hospital drama and trails off into obscurity (but with a large fan base of middle-aged women).

Jin the gangster. He's a nice man trapped in a bad job, doing gangster work for his wife's evil father. Suffers from comparisons to The Sopranos and gets cancelled after thirteen episodes.

Doctor Linus. Like an LA version of Grange Hill, with the quirky Linus being pushed to his limits with school politics and not really very naughty kids. He's so nice. But sometimes, occasionally, he flips. What's his problem? Runs out of ideas after ten episodes.


It's 11:33 here in the 'States, and I just watched the end. It gave me chills. I'm very pleased. It really was a really good ending, sort of like Doctor Who's "The End Of Time," if that hadn't sucked. Similar ground covered, but much more...well, I was moved.

A satisfying ending. I was also moved by it. Might have been the culmination of my time investment in the journey or the early hours.

Now onwards with Fringe.

Well this one's a no-brainer:

"The Man With No Name"

It'd be a spaghetti western-esque series in which an antihero (Jacob's brother) would wander around the old west, having various adventures. Yeah, I know he can't leave the island, but we can retcon that ("He went back to the Island in 1910, and could never leave *again*" Whatever.)

Best of all, since he can steal bodies, we can recast the part as often as we need to, just like Dr. Who!