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April 11, 2010

Lost S06E011

I thought that perhaps I finally had Lost figured out. I thought that the parallel universe stories were an alternate life that showed the characters potential. That showed their true selves. That were stories of positive redemption. Until Said's story when he turned nasty. But I still thought that those threads were going to be an elaborate what-if.

Then this episode, when suddenly the barrier between the realities begins to leak, a story brought to us by none other than Desmond, Charlie and Daniel. Hurray, three of my favourite Lost characters return with a lovely story. The interplay between still-a-junkie-rockstar Charlie and suited-Whidmore-lackey Desmond was wonderful, made ever more so by the knowledge of their friendship on The Island. Daniel's return as a musician scrawling physics in a notebook was perfect and the cross reality love stories made me smile.

There was even an answer: how did Desmond survive The Hatch explosion? Because he's super Desmond! EM proof. Timeslip traveller. Dodgy accent extraordinaire. Oooh, that nasty Jim From Neighbours, and his ruffian gang. Although I'm not entirely sure which side Whidmore is on. I presume he is trying to stop The Smoke Monster from escaping The Island and destroying The World, but I'm not too sure.

Incredibly entertaining Science Fiction, still with a large dollop on bonkers.

Only six episodes left.

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ALL sides are still completely unclear to me. It seems Jacob and his gang are the good guys, but thinking back to season 1 and 2 they did some nasty stuff, that no good guy should ever do and I still don't completely get their reason for some of it... and of course they killed all the dharma people. Soooooo I am not too sure about Whidmore at all.