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April 19, 2010

Doctor Who - Victory Of The Daleks

I've figured out what's wrong with the new Doctor Who episodes, and that is, they're too short. The second and third episodes of this series have felt rushed and far too fast. Contrast that to the one hour specials from last year and that extra 15 minutes seems to make all the difference. However we have 45 minute episodes, as do the writers so there's not much we can do about that.

Onto Victory Of The Daleks, there's an easy way to sum it up: Dalek Reboot!

It was another episode full of ideas, we had The Doctor meeting Winston Churchill, we had Daleks fighting for Britain, we had a cyborg, timeline mangling, Spitfires in space and The Doctor making a Big Decision.

It was fun, yes. I enjoyed the Daleks tootling about whilst the Doctor tried to figure out what they were up to. And of course we had the classic line WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA?! I'd have quite happily watched an entire episode of that. I also enjoyed The Doctor losing his cool over the Daleks, but Matt Smith's performance was not close to Christopher Ecclestone's in Dalek.

The Dalek plan itself was a little dubious, you'd think Dalek technology would be able to know what a Dalek is without someone claiming to be The Doctor vouching for them, but the result was fun : Big Funky New Daleks. I like them, especially the white one with the deep voice. They're bigger, they are colour coded for easy reference and they kill old skool Daleks without hesitation. Nice.

The ending had good and bad points. I liked The Doctor having to make a choice between Earth or killing the Daleks. I didn't like the way they prevented the Dalek bomb, that was just silly. As were the spitfires in space which were rubbish, Star Wars did that 30 years ago, and did it better.

But the end result is a lovely reboot, the Daleks are new and scary and loose in the galaxy, whilst the Canary Wharf battle timeline has seemingly been erased to make way for new stories.