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April 10, 2010

Doctor Who - The Beast Below

After last weeks entertaining opening to the new Doctor Who series, I had very high expectation for the second episode, The Beast Below. Maybe a little too high?

It wasn't a bad episode, it was just a formulaic and uninspired episode. 

I thought at the start, with a view of the county skyscraper blocks, we were going to see some awesome Judge Dredd style inter block warfare, however inside the blocks it was the usual Doctor Who idea of the UK future: Union Flags, wartime spirit, all a bit too Cockney. But still, the chance of intrigue.... which quickly faded into a plot that any eight your old kid could have assembled, including photofit "monsters", a Queen, a mystery etc. etc.

There were some positive moments: Matt Smith beginning to make The Doctor his own, and Amy Pond asserting herself. I also liked the ending and the choice, but it was all a bit too little and too late.

The best bit? The built in trail to next weeks episode. Not disastrous, just nothing new.

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I agree, it was well done but really a bit too "formulaic and uninspired". Anyway, every average moffat-episode like this one is miles better than the crap RTD served in the last year...