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March 3, 2010

Dalí's Clocks by Dave Hutchinson

Dalí's Clocks by Dave Hutchinson was published in DayBreak Magazine at the end of January and I've just caught up and read it.

It's a story of an architect, who's friend introduces him to a new drug. Told in first person it's extremely readable, a lovely voice to the narrator, and a plot which kept me hooked and even when I thought I knew where it was going still added a little twist.

The story is very European in it's tone and locations, which is refreshing, and gave me the urge to get in the car and go on a mad European road-trip. 

As has been the case with pretty much all of the stories published in DayBreak Magazine there's plenty to think about, the plot ends and there's a view of the aftermath, and being optimistic Science Fiction it's an enjoyable aftermath, one that encourages some thought.

There was even a joke about British Science Fiction that made me laugh out loud.

I liked it a lot. Recommended.

Now, there's more to talk about, and there will be spoilers, so read the story first then come back....


The drug in the story unblocks the urge to be creative, which is a wonderful idea, and I'm happy to say that the story itself had a similar effect: I've been struggling to finish any new stories but after reading this I really want to write and create. Sometimes a good story can have the opposite effect and intimidate me, but not this one. Very enjoyable.

There seems to be a lot of discussion online at the moment about being creative, I've taken to thinking of this talk as Makers related: it's time we appreciated our free time and stopped being so passive, took back our creative urges and created and made and enjoyed. To do that we have to give up some modern distractions, cut back on the email, turn off the TV, turn off the Twitter client, go non-digital for a while maybe. 

Make stuff.