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February 25, 2010

Survivors, Series 2

The second series of Survivors has finished and whilst it was entertaining only one episode really lived up to what I wanted from the programme: that being more than just survival, but looking at rebuilding society after the virus wiped everyone out.

The first few episodes were still tying up the plot from the end of the first series: Abby captured, the big conspiracy, the rest of the family searching for Abby. All action and cityscape apocalypse, bleak and depressing. The big conspiracy from the first series turns out to be a secret lab and Abby is the key to the vaccine, which was a bit cliched.

Episode four tried to be interesting: our heroes captured and used as slave labour in a coal mine, with some discussion of what they wanted the future to be, whether slave labour was necessary, the pit boss occupying a stately home and another bleak ending as the slaves escape and turn into a rampaging mob.

Episode five was my favourite episode of the series, as out heroes find a secret valley which looks beautiful and too good to be true. Sure enough the virus mutates and takes out Sarah, before her and Al can really enjoy their new found love. It was a touching episode, with a message that even after everything has gone wrong people will think about the greater good and take selfless acts.

And finally the series wrapped up with Abby finding her son and the conspiracy being revealed fully. There was a lot of action in the last episode, and even some fleeting discussions of what people want to become and how they want to behave. It wasn't a stunning conclusion, but it wrapped everything up perfectly satisfactorily.

All in all an perfectly enjoyable post-apocalyptic TV series with some moments of it being quite good.


Series 1 is running on BBC-America now. The third episode runs Friday, and I presume they'll run Series 2 immediately afterwards.

So is the show completely done, or are there any plans for a third series, or what?

Well it does end with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I think they would LIKE to produce a third series. Wikipedia writes no confirmation of a third series has yet (23 February 2010) been announced by the BBC.

I mostly agree with James saying it was a perfectly enjoyable post-apocalyptic TV series with some moments of it being quite good - meaning there WAS some more potential in it. So I hope they bring it back for another season.

Good to know, thank you!

That's probably even better to know. Thanks!