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February 6, 2010

Lost S06E01 + S06E02

Lost returns for it's sixth and final season. And there was much rejoicing.

It appears that the writers have decided to throw the entire Science Fictional kitchen sink at the plot, making it even more bonkers and huge fun, whilst still being touching. Last season we had time skipping, this season divergent realities. And the fountain of eternal youth protected by a temple and tribe led by a crazy samurai guy. And a man who turns into a smoke monster.

The now traditional Woah moment at the start of the first episode was great, with a crazy underwater flythrough and The Island underwater. The idea of seeing what would have happened if the plane crash hadn't happened is lovely, unexpected meetings, remembering what the characters were like at the start of the journey whilst we now know everything about them. The question is how will the parallel reality touch the original reality? Will they meet? Will they stay as two separate stories?

Meanwhile on The Island our trusty heroes are looking a bit battered, bloodied and tired. Everything has been thrown at them. I particularly felt for Sawyer, again, as Juliet died. Again. When Hurley suggested they venture into a hole in the ground underneath fortifications no one batted an eyelid. They've seen it all now. Even the secret tribe in the temple guarding the Fountain Of Eternal Youth, didn't phase them that much. They look tired and beaten. I don't think they'll stay that way for long.

As for John Locke. He's dead. Long live John Locke, or rather that nasty guy who hates Jacob  and can turn into The Smoke Monster. Aha, so he's the smoke monster? Or another smoke monster? If the Black Smoke Monster was protecting the temple was that Jacob? No idea. The real core question is what are the two sides? And what exactly are they fighting over?

Awesome fun. Welcome back Lost.

If you're in the US, or can magic up a US IP address then you can watch Lost online for free at abc.com, if you're in the UK the only way to watch Lost online is through some Sky Player jiggery pokery, and that's not free.


sorry for typing like gregor samsa, but i hurt my hand the other day.

anyway, i have to say i'm impressed by how much better 'sawyer' has gotten in the past couple years. when the show started, he was just another boring prettyboy who could barely talk and walk at the same time, and then only with prompting from the others. in the past two seasons, however, he's really developed some solid acting chops, and can hold his own with anyone on the show.

i'm impressed. he obviously put a lot of work into it, rather than just sitting back and saying 'i'm on a hit show' and relaxing.

I watched the new series on Sky HD(remember tv is still available via more traditional means).

Fantastic, one of the few series that really drags me into the story and relationships between the characters no matter how mad the tale gets. Especially as we just know that the alternate non-dead, non-evil John Locke will be walking by the end of the series via Jack.

How will it end? Hopefully better than Alias (another JJ Abram-ism) which was rushed at the end.

Looking forward to the next 22 episodes.

The official word is there are 18 episodes aired over 16 weeks. (The first and last for the year are two-parters)