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February 26, 2010

Big And Dumb, Week 305

Things that Big Dumb Object loved and hated this week:


  • Lost, still mad and brilliant.
  • Survivors, the second series finishing. Not as good as the first series, but at least one decent episode looking at the aftermath and rebuilding.
  • Recording another episode of the Wordpunk podcast and the first episode hitting the web.
  • The Winter Olympics: snow, ice, speed, crashes.


  • TalkTalk technical support. Don't go there. Ever.
  • The ever present problem of having too much Science Fiction to consume and not enough time to do it.


My god, why are you using TalkTalk?? They are infamous as the worst ISP around. I had to deal with them for an older rleative and it was liek pulling teeth, I had to bully them on the phone to get them to do things they were contracted for.

There are many better ISPs. Use these guys http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ they compare UK ISPs.

For the record I use Be who have been fine at several properties.