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December 17, 2009

Survivors Returns To BBC1 In January

The first series of Survivors was pretty good. Unfortunately the second series was postponed due to Swine Flu. Seriously.

However now it's back, in January.

The press release says "picking up moments after the thrilling cliff-hanger to season one." and "Returning for this high-octane second series are..." which doesn't fill me with hope. The best bits of the first series weren't the action sequences but the coping-with-the-apocalypse sequences. I hope the big conspiracy arc is toned down and some proper post-apocalyptic story telling takes place.

Oh and it's being broadcast in HD too.


I am tired of waiting for the new season to come! Now it's my time.

I enjoyed S1 and will watch this too.
Where areDr BDO's thoughts on the rest of Defying Gravity? I've really been enjoying that show and am gutted that I know it'll be axed.
I watched the first edition of Paradox and thought it was pretty awful. Terrible Scientist and stupid police officers. I have the others on PVR but can't decide if it's worth staying with it. Have you watched any further?