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November 14, 2009

The Lifecycle Of A New Doctor Who Episode

  • New Doctor Who episode, where are you? Emptiness.
  • New Doctor Who episode announced! Yay! Hurray! And yay again!
  • Trailer for new Doctor Who episode revealed. Oooh, looks awesome.
  • Trailer for new Doctor Who episode is on heavy rotation on the BBC. Looks even more awesome.
  • David Tennant is on every TV and Radio show in the universe, talking about the new Doctor Who episode. Sounds even more awesome.
  • New Doctor Who episode tomorrow!
  • Watching new Doctor Who episode, started well.
  • Oooh.
  • Oh. The ending was rubbish.
  • Let down. Exciting, cool but  that ending. Oh I can’t forgive you.
  • A year passes.
  • New Doctor Who episode nominated for lots of awards.
  • New Doctor Who episode endlessly repeated on BBC3.
  • Oh, that old Doctor Who episode is on BBC3, time to watch it again.
  • Not as bad a the memory. Ending still rubbish.
  • New Doctor Who episode, where are you? Emptiness.


My experience is different

-Hear Who is getting a reboot, gets excited as a massive s/f fan
-Watch an episode
-Think it is terribly written pap for kids
-Get reminded of the quality level of Space Above And Beyond ("I believe in you!!!" retch!)
-Get depressed that the legacy of Tom Baker has been so ruined
-Go on the interwebz and get shocked that everyone else seems to think it is good
-Get shocking angry at Russel T Davies for his statements about how some writers have to like, you know, work and revise drafts but he is like, special, and like, just, like, does it and it is like, awesome. (see the Charlie Brooker show on writer he was on)
-Watch Blink at gunpoint and admit that someone involved knew what they were doing, and wish it had been an Outer Limits or early period X files episode instead.
-Watch another episode in hope it has improved and go back to retching
-Discover they have made a Kids spin off, and wonder how you dumb down such a dumb show, but have no desire to find out
-Get depressed that David Tennant used to be so fantastic (Taking over the Asylum anyone?)
-Hear a new episode is out
-Ignore all publicity for it, safe and secure in the knowledge it will suck
-Remind yourself that at least it is better than the televisual lobotomy that isTorchwood and go back to watching re-reruns of Tom Baker Who, BSG and Firefly.

Nope though I was a kid when I watched them, its just the intensity of Mr Baker makes it oddly still watchable even now when he charges around swirling his scarf and pointing a poorly disguised flashlight at a guy with a papier mache fish head.

Still, i think the Beeb just play safe bets now, diluted versions of old IP - they used to be more innovative. I mean Torchwood? Really?

To be honest Who died for me with the arrival of Sylvester McCoy.

@ Owen. That's interesting. I was under the impression that he was unpopular at the time, but in retrospect McCoy was thought by most to be the best Who ever in the original show.

I've only seen one-and-a-half of his episodes, so I can't say. He wasn't widely syndicated on this side of the Atlantic