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November 24, 2009

Paradox Starts Tonight (Soon!)

Paradox, what looks like a BBC version of FlashForward starts tonight. It's on BBC1 at 9pm - 10pm.

I shall be watching.


Not related to Paradox, but curiously, at the same time you announced this, I read that production on Flash Forward had been halted. The show isn't cancelled, but it's lost 1/3rd of its audience since the premier, and they're bringing in a lot of new behind the scenes people to "Fix" the show. This is almost never a good thing.

I watched Paradox (BBC HD) and was underwhelmed by it. The tension build up in my mind was poor and the program did not really pull me in. I will watch the next episode to see if it gets any better.

I must add that my other half did get pulled in by the 'tension filled' build up to the climax. So maybe it is just me?