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November 3, 2009

Paradox, 5 Reasons It Will Be Better Than FlashForward

Paradox is a new show to be shown soon on the BBC (no confirmed date yet). Here's the blurb:

If you could see the future, would you change it? That's the dilemma facing Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite) and astrophysicist Dr Christian King (Emun Elliott) in Paradox. They find themselves thrown together when a series of rogue images are transmitted into Dr King's laboratory from space.

The fragmented images appear to be of a major incident, but shockingly they suggest it has yet to happen; it's in the future. Christian, Rebecca and her team, DS Ben Holt (Mark Bonnar) and DC Callum Gada (Chiké Okonkwo), have just 18 hours to work out the clues and prevent a tragedy.

Sounds like FlashForward right?

Except that there are a few reasons why it's likely to be better than FlashForward:

  1. No one is doing a terrible fake American accent.
  2. There is no Jack Davenport character, played by Jack Davenport.
  3. It's a five episode series. Not a (hopefully) five year series. Which means that the story will actually be concluded.
  4. There's a hard and fast time limit. Eighteen  hours, five episodes means all thriller, no filler.
  5. They're already talking about "the moral and emotional implications of changing the future".

Check out the trailer embedded below:


Amen, brother! The hokey American accents in FF are, well, hokey. I don't pretend to understand that casting - it's distracting as hell.

And yet even though I have only watched 2 episodes (ep2) and last nights I am suddenly drawn in to watch more....

Probably because there are members of lost in the cast.

I need more lost.

There are hokey American accents on FF? I can't say that I've noticed anyone with hokey accents.

Well, except for mysterious chick who called Dimitri with her weird accent.

Yeah, as Paul says, after last night's Im suddenly drawn to watch more too.. it suddenly got interesting.

Alas! The sinister video embed dislikes Americans! How are we supposed to demand your programs from our cable schedulers if we can't view your promotional materials! Tragic!

@JP - Yeah, Mark, Olivia, and Aaron are all non-American actors who are playing Americans for the show. Olivia's accent has gotten better, but Aaron's is fuzzy as hell, and Mark's only works when he's talking like Aragorn, any louder and it gets mushy as well.

There might be others, but to their credit, if there are, I haven't noticed 'em yet.

Oh, that's ok, when I hear Hugh Laurie in MI5, I'm like "Wow, that's a really good British accent...oh, wait, he's British..."

Fair enough. And of course the guy playing Aaron is none of the above, as he's Irish. I will endevor to change my ignorant ways forthwith. I just meant it in the "You UK guys" general sense, not a specific "He's from Cornwal, probably somewhere west of Camborne" kind of thing.

There's not really a generic American accent, either.

No umbrage on my part, I take correction well. This way I'll know enough not make an ass of myself at that big SF convention at the Firth of Forth next year...Thank you!