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November 25, 2009

My story Reboot has been published

My short story Reboot has been published by the webzine Short-Story.me.

Here’s how it starts:

A quantum worm uncoiled itself out of the machine being restored, suddenly collapsing into a specific state and wreaking havoc within the operating system. Alarms sounded and the graphs scrolling across Tom's screen spiked wildly. His laptop was plugged into a large black box of qubits, the liquid hydrogen coolant vented slowly in quietly dissipating clouds. Inside, beneath the desperately stylish matt black metallic exterior, beneath the ultra-cooled chamber, inside the electron traps, sat a countless number of electrons, reduced to acting as quantum bits. The qubit box was plugged into the local network, copying its state carefully in a safe, isolated, two-phase restore of the destroyed machines.

Go and read it and tell me what you think.


Say, that was pretty good! I loved the big reveal of what was going on, I loved that the major science fictiony aspect actually hapened 'offscreen' before the story takes place. Characterisation was understated, but I think that works to your advantage in a short short story like this. I don't you'd really gain anything by havint twenty pages of internal monologue and agonizing over his life. The way you did it was good.

I did feel it started out a bit slow, and didn't really grab my attention for the first couple of pages when - as a reader - it's not really clear what's going on, or what they're talking about, nor why. Of course that all pays off in the big reveal, so I have no clue how I'd suggest getting around that. Probably it doesn't need it, though the first bit seemed a little overly long to me.

I did really like it, though. A very clever little story, and the more I think on it the more I like it. Good job!