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October 15, 2009

The Sarah Jane Adventures Starts A New Series Tonight

The Sarah Jane Adventures starts its third series tonight. Well, not quite night, seeing as it’s a kid’s show it’s on at 4.35pm on BBC1.

I think I’m far to old for TSJA, I found it a bit boring, lots of kids, reusing the same old Doctor Who monsters and large dollops of deus ex machina (often in the form of the sonic lipstick). However, I am not the target audience! And the show seems to be doing well on BBC and repeated lots on the children’s channel CBBC.

The big news for this series is that The Doctor is in it (in his David Tennant form).

The trailer is here.


my son loves this show, he`ll be very happy to hear the news. :)

I'm envious. Not an amazing show by any stretch, but my kids love it - or at least the first season - and it was one of their few shows that I didn't instantly hate. Alas, it'll probably be years before it airs over here, if ever...

Nope. Just endless hours of Gordon Ramsay cursing.

Syfy ran the first...uhm...'series' back when it was called "The Sci-Fi Channel," as a lead-in to the Donna episodes of Dr. Who.

No word on whether they'll do that again or not, though.

Actually, no word on who - if anyone - will even be carrying the next series of Who. I know BBCA really really wants that show back...