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October 9, 2009

The Clone Wars, Season 2 First Impressions

When the Star Wars opening crawl first set the scene and threw us straight into the story it was quite a shock. A very old school, infodump, shock, but in a good way. No messing about, straight into a spaceship chase. The Clone Wars takes this style to a new level, instead of an opening crawl there’s a fast slew of cut-scenes, like a recap of another episode. Except that there was no episode. If you’re not paying attention you can feel as if you’ve missed something. But no, it’s a technique for getting straight to the action.

And that’s what The Clone Wars delivers, lots of action. Like the cartoon version before it, the CGI version is full of space battles and fighting and enemies. This season the enemies are the bounty hunters, in particular Cad Bane. On one hand you could just say that the bad guys have been swapped in and out, but it’s a nice change from all the encounters with Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress.

The first two episodes are entitled Holocron Heist and Cargo Of Doom. Nice titles. It feels like Cad Bane is not only unafraid of the Jedi, but also a match for them, using cunning and brute force and general nastiness. And all the while Darth Sidious is behind/above, pulling the strings.

In many ways The Clone Wars is the pure essence of the Star Wars that George Lucas first imagined: a Saturday morning serial for the kids, full of adventure and heroes and villains. And I like it.


Every single one of the characters is despicably stupid. The animation is laughable, comparable to watching a mediocre video game from five years ago. I is my opinion Clone Wars has no redeeming qualities.