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October 28, 2009

International Science Fiction Reshelving Day

Here’s a bit of mischief that made me chuckle: International Science Fiction Reshelving Day.

Join us this November in a new and unique celebration of science fiction and fantasy literature. Many books from our fine genre are regularly placed in the wrong section of bookstores. This not only hides the books from us, but it prevents readers of those books from discovering the rich tradition to which they belong.

On November 18th that changes. We will go to bookstores around the world and move science fiction and fantasy books from wherever they might be to their proper place in the “Science Fiction” section. We hope that this quiet act of protest will raise awareness of this problem and inspire new readers to explore our thought-provoking genre.

I suppose it will give bookshop workers something to do! [ducks]

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Funny. We should start an international no-holiday holiday. I think that will go over well.