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October 12, 2009

FlashForward First Impressions

So a big new TV series based on a novel by a Hugo and Nebula winner. Recipe for success or disaster?

Well, my initial reaction is hmmmmm.

The pitch: everyone blanks out for a couple of minutes and sees the future.

The future scenes were disappointingly dull: in a meeting, on the toilet, in the office, at home. Well, wow. The aftermath of the blackout had a reasonable amount of carnage but compare it to the first episode of Lost and it looks immensely thin.

The plot from then on is full of paradoxes and holes. One FBI guy saw something useful, a note board full of notes and pictures, and tries to reconstruct it. Except reconstructing it means that all the stuff he saw meant nothing except that he saw it in the future, so clues they are not. Meanwhile his wife is worried that she’ll be having an affair in six months.

Everyone is worried it will happen again. There’s a couple of shadowy people who didn’t black out and someone connected had an office in a doll factory. Ho hum.

I’m betting that there won’t be an in-depth examination of whether destiny is written or malleable.

The acting wasn’t particularly great. The characters weren’t particularly interesting. Don’t think I care much what happens.

I’ll give it a few more episodes, just to be fair.


I felt the two leads were really struggling with their accents, which was a bit distracting at points.

I have watched one episode and have PVR's another to see if I am going to get into this or not.

To be fair though Fringe was really slow to start as a series but came together near then of season one. Which reminds me I need to watch the season two episodes I have recorded.

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