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October 26, 2009

A Culture Movie, Finally?

Lots of people have been wishing for a movie based on one of Iain M. Banks’ Culture novels. I even heard Banks himself say that he wished Spielberg to get a move on and film Consider Phlebas (well, of course).

Most people assumed that Consider Phlebas would be the natural Culture novel to film.

However it appears that may not be the case. Empire says:

The British production company Film and Music Entertainment, in partnership with director Dominic Murphy (White Lightnin'), have just announced several future projects, including an untitled Bronte film (Charlotte? Emily? Anne?) and Jesus Christ Airlines, about a heroic pilot in Biafra. But most tantalising is A Gift From the Culture, based on a short story by Iain M. Banks, originally published in Interzone and collected in Banks' The State of the Art.

That could be interesting. With a short story there’s enough room to wriggle and satisfy the studio execs and whoever else needs pacifying these days to get a film made. And yet if the core ideas are retained…oooh. Could be good. Let’s hope it emerges from production hell.

Thanks to Andy for the link.

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Empire managed to have a chat with TMH about this.