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September 21, 2009

FlashForward Preview Online For US Residents

ABC have put the the first 17 minutes of FlashForward online apparently. I say apparently because it just tells me that I don’t live in the United States. If you can be bothered you can probably find it elsewhere or use a proxy or something. Too much hassle for me for too little gain. Fortunately Five are going to show FlashForward in the UK, starting on Monday 28th September at 9pm, that’s pleasingly just 4 days after it’s shown on ABC. Yes, that’s how you get people in the UK to watch US shows. They have the trailer online.

FlashForward is of course based on the novel by Robert J. Sawyer. Which I haven’t read. But wish I had before watching the TV series, which is now too late.



If you're having problems, you should be able to view the first 17 minutes here: http://bit.ly/4peJMZ

Also, this is a pretty cool online feature: http://bit.ly/CIEqO

Hope you like it!