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August 19, 2009

What To Read Next?

I’m trying to decide what to read next as I’ve finally finished Wireless by Charles Stross (it wasn’t as bad as that sounds it’s just that I’ve been reading less recently).

I’m currently reading (and enjoying) Cory Doctorow's Makers but I can that fit that in alongside something else due to the wonders of serialisation.

On the immediate to read pile (that’s the prioritised version of the full pile) is:

I fancy reading something not too long, that I will instantly love and devour rapidly.  That rules out Pynchon and King as they’re both MASSIVE. Best New SF is also massive, but I could just read a few stories. The Grand Conjunction and The Burning Skies are both review copies that were kindly sent to me by Orbit and David so I really should to read them (and besides I need to give David another chance to win me over), but both are sequels and I’m not sure I feel like a sequel. Which leaves The Knife Of Never Letting Go?

I’m also considering joining Niall’s Short Story Club which I really should commit to as it will be fun and Niall’s done the hard part of picking the stories. Scared of the commitment maybe? :-)

Of course I could go and read the archives on Futurismic or Strange Horizons, but I feel like reading a novel and I feel like it being un-attached to my computer (nope, still have no portable web reading device).

Opinions welcome.


Just for the record my outstanding reviews are now:

Both of which I’ll try and write soon.


I fancy reading something not too long, that I will instantly love and devour rapidly

Definitely the Ness. It may look chunky, but it's a very fast, gripping read.

And the short stories, of course. :-)

Have you tried using Nexterlizer? ;-)

I realize you want something short but... Pynchon is always amazing. Go for Against the Day!

Thanks for the blog, btw, it's always interesting and turning me on to new things.