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August 17, 2009

The Hugos, Not Just Science Fiction!

My post about the Hugos made some people very angry, including Cheryl Morgan with her post Dumb By Name…

Apparently the WSFS Constitution says that the awards are for Science Fiction or Fantasy.

Right there in section 3.2.1.

They were never even intended to be Science Fiction only, despite their early name. Or there was no such thing as Fantasy then but they meant Fantasy as well. Or Wikipedia is incorrect. Or all of the above.

Amazingly though, my initial statement of “I thought the Hugo awards were for Science Fiction?” is still factually correct, because when I wrote it I was unaware of section 3.2.1 (or indeed the entire WSFS Constitution).

I’m also accused(!) of deleting comments I don’t like, however in this case I was in fact just guilty of not checking my blog for a few days and approving the pending comments.

And I still wanted Anathem to win. (That doesn’t make people angry does it?)

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Not me... I thought Anathem a more than deserving winner.