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August 14, 2009

Bryan Singer To Make Battlestar Galactica Movie?

File under WHAT?!

The rumours are that Bryan Singer is going to make a movie version of Battlestar Galactica that is completely unrelated to either of the two TV series.

Although the movie currently has no script.

It would seem a slightly insane idea.

More importantly however, will the Cylons be sexy?


No, they won't.

The rumors over here is that Singer isn't actually involved, that it's all DeSanto, and that it's basically a cinematic version of the script he and Singer co-wrote for the Sci-Fi channel back in 2001.

The reasoning is that DeSanto is big mojo right now because of his role in the Trek reboot, and Universal has been sitting on one of his scripts, which they've already paid for, for nearly a decade now.

So, if this is true (Big if), it'd be a continuation of the oriignal 1979 Galactica story, the Cylons are still machines, and there's no sexiness to be had. (Well, I guess it could be sexy, depending on your feelings about a 60 year old Richard Hatch)

But at this minute there's at least 3 competing Galactica-related projects going on, so it's entirely unclear which, if any, of these rumors are true.


I haven't read the entire Singer/DeSanto script, but I've read some extensive excerpts from it, and I know the overall story in broad strokes. While it could potentially surprise me - there's got to be sixty pages I haven't read - it does seem rather soft to me. It's a tolerably mediocre TV pilot movie (A'la the Deep Space 9 premier movie dealie), but it felt weak to me in places, and it's definitely, definitely, definitely NOT a cinematic powerhouse.

The confusion between versions is very likely to be a problem, definitely, but on the other hand, with Trek having just successfully rebooted itself with the same writer, I can see why they might want to strike while the iron is hot, franchise-wise, even though this is really an anti-reboot.

What I *reallY* think is going to be a problem however, and what nobody's really noticed yet, is how indebted the RDM verison of Galactica is to this version. RDM pitched his version on the fly when the Singer/DeSanto version fell apart, and it seems obvious to me that he grabbed some very substantial elements of HIS story from the the S/DS version, figuring no one would ever see it.

-The Cylons have been gone for about a generation or so.
-The Colonials have abandoned the quest for earth, and settled in a place called "New Caprica"
-The Cylons evolved while they were gone. They're now bio-mechanical things, not looking like humans, but not purely machine either.
-There's a very prominent female president with her own ship, and some tension between her and the new Commander Adama.

And that's just in the third-to-a-half that I've read. I'm sure there's more. So it's going to be hard for them to make this un-reboot seem like it isn't derivative of RDM's version.

That said, I will definitely go see it if it actually gets made, as there's an itch within me that the new show was never quite able to scratch. It's like comparing Canada and the US. Canada is a fine country, I have nothing but good things to say about it, I've enjoyed my extensive time there immensely, and I'm happy it exists, but at the same time, there's always a very subtle remove between me and life there. It's a great place, I love it, but it's not my home, I'm not a part of it, and in the same the new Galactica, for all it's merits (And it's crap ending) is simply not home, it's not MY battlestar, if that makes any kind of tortured, pathetic sense.