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July 23, 2009

Where In The Galaxy Have Our TV Transmissions Reached

Strange Maps has a great TV guide: what’s on in the galaxy? Drawn as a very groovy map.

So Formalhaut is watching Miami Vice, Mu Arae is watching The Twilight Zone and Aldebaran is watching World War 2. Regulus is still waiting for the first televised Baseball game.


I love the idea of aliens 40 LY away watching the Beverly Hillbillies easily as much as I like the idea of the folks at SETI watching an alien version of Saturday Night Live (The freaky alien twist? It's funny, unlike the domestic version), but I'm under the impression that every bit of EM we send out disperses so rapidly as to be indistinguishable from background noise by about 1 LY from earth.

That's an interesting point. If only someone affiliated with this blog who knew something about physics would comment...

I'm guessing such reception would be highly dependent on the size of the antenna array.