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July 20, 2009

Torchwood, Children Of Earth Starts Today On BBC America

If you’re in the states and haven’t seen Torchwood, Children Of Earth yet then watch BBC America tonight. And then every night this week, it appears. I’m not entirely sure because of the whole complicated timezone thing going on with US shows, where every time has a letter which you have to cross reference with you location and an arbitrary geographical boundary.

But anyway, it’s worth a watch as it’s shockingly quite good.


It's easy: if you live on the east coast, it comes on at 9pm. (1100), if you live in the central area, it's on at 9PM, which, for you, is an hour later than it is for the folks on the east coast. If you live on the west coast, it's at 9PM, which is several hours earlier than it is for folks on the east coast. If you live in Hawaii, then what the hell are you doing watching TV anyway?

But, yeah, I'll be watching it and reviewing it on my site, somewhat less grudgingly now based on your reccomendation.

Watched part 1 last night, and I have to say its remarkably non-Torchwood-like qualities kind of won me over: Stuff happens, they get the hell out of Cardiff - albeit briefly - and on the whole, it had some directorial energy that the series as a whole has been spectacularly missing from day one. Music wasn't terrible, either.

In fact, I was struck by how they played Ianto as "Not interested in men, just him," and that he's a bit conflicted over that. People at odds with themselves - even if only a bit uncomfortable - are always more interesting.

Was it just me, or was Gwen...uhm...different than the way she normally acts? Bossier and more condescending, less girly and friendly? Not complaining, mind you, it's about time she grew a personality, but it's a big change to happen offscreen between episodes.

Haven't seen part 2 yet. I got stuck reviewing "Warehouse 13," which was on at the same time, (And sucked, btw) but I'm hoping to pick it up today. For the first time ever in the history of Torchwood, I'm looking forward to it!

This is uncharacteristically optomistic of me.

Holy crow! I was totally stunned by "Day Four" of Torchwood last night. If anyone ever asks me to sum up the difference in perspective between US SF TV and that in the UK, I think I'll just point to the depiction of the government in this episode. Our media prides itself on being all cynical and paranoid, but I have never, never, never, in a lifetime of watching TV seen such an oily, vicious, brutally heartless portrayal of a government by it's own people before. I was stunned and impressed and couldn't turn away as they slid all-too-easily to Hitlerian logic. Wow.
Such a thing could never be filmed in the US, never. The thought would never occur. No matter what even the most gibbering schizophrenic of a Michael Moore stripe might believe of the US Government, it would simply never occur to anyone that it could be as evil as Torchwood portrayed the UK government in episode 4. And if they did, there's an army of studios and networks that would shoot it down before frame-one of film was ever shot.

I have to say, as an American, I don't get the reason for the venom, but man oh man simply the fact that this was filmed and aired impressed the living hell out of me.

What was the reaction in the UK over this? Any flap at all?

I remember Threads!

Yeah, we've got a free country too. It's not that someone couldn't film something so bleak and insulting directed at the US government, or put it on TV. Legally, obviously, they could, but there's a huge difference between "All The President's Men" and the happy slide into Nazism we see in Torchwood. I just can't imagine anyone here in the US actually *wanting* to tell that kind of story, though of course they could.

I think the bottom line here is that when you want to be, you guys are much, much darker than we are.