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July 6, 2009

Torchwood, Children Of Earth, Day One

A new Torchwood series! And this time just five episodes, spread across one week. That’s a bit like the length of an old Doctor Who story.

Well, Torchwood had it’s work cut out to win me back. I’ve enjoyed the Nu Who despite its failings but Torchwood always had too many faults: the premise is ridiculous, the acting was dodgy, the stories didn’t make much sense, there was too much gratuitous sex and it was just no fun. It felt like an opportunity missed.

So can the new series succeed? Maybe.

Spoilers ahead…

It was definitely a lot better, mainly due to its density. Not only did we have the main typical alien threat plot, but we had personal stories for the three main characters, an internal threat and a red herring plot.

There was of course the usual nonsense. No matter how much the show itself makes fun of the Torchwood hub it’s plainly nonsense that it’s a secret base in the centre of Cardiff. As is the premise that everyone knows about them but they’re secret. And they’ve still got that ridiculous Range Rover, it’s not cool, even a little bit.

And it’s the lack of realism that hits Torchwood again and again. I’m sure someone thought it would be cool to have all the children in the entire world pause and speak an alien message, but it’s not very believable. And even if it did happen the response would be dramatically different to what is shown in Torchwood.

There was some running, despite John Barrowman being unable to run properly, there was some shooting, and there was an explosion. But the best scenes were the personal ones, with Ianto and Captain Jack going to see family. More of that please.

Has potential, I’ll be watching tomorrow.


I agree 100%...this is the first Torchwood I've watched since James Masters' appearence, and the lack of any remote realism just stops the tension dead in it's tracks...that and Gwen being the most annoying character going...but, there were some good touches, most notably Jack's grandson and his immortality threatening their relationship..

Oh is torchwood on again? Dull. I tried to get into it and after the first series just dipped in and out really. Just a bit too flawed for my liking even if it is available on BBC HD.