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July 29, 2009

Doctor Who End Of Time Trailer

Filmed by someone at Comic-Con, with crowd cheers still loud, but helpful subtitling, here’s the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2009, End Of Time.


Ah, crap. The Master? Again? As if the Daleks weren't overused...

Fair enough, as long as we can both agree it's pandering. The Daleks - for me - have always been better used sparingly. I remember watching the show religiously as a kid, when they'd turn up and I'd go "Ooooh! Them again! Now The Doctor is really in trouble!" but after five years of Davies, my reaction is invariably "Oh, God, not again."

It was nice to see the Sontarans again, though. I would have prefered a better story, of course, but still, nice to see what old friends are up to...