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July 9, 2009

A Clip Of Unaired Dollhouse Episode, Epitaph One

The almost legendary unaired Dollhouse episode Epitaph One will be on the DVD and BluRay editions of the series, and here's a clip.

I’m not sure whether cut episodes and scenes deserve the attention they get, because usually if they were good they would get shown. Surely? Is it just fanboys/girls obsessing about inaccessible stuff?


Normally I would agree with your statement "...if they were good they would get shown. Surely?" But not in this case. The 13th ep was filmed after the series was canceled on a smaller bugdet for the DVD. Joss Whedon then used this ep much like a pilot to show the studio a quality show could be made on a smaller budget. The show got renewed based on this 13th ep.

Not sure if it's so much a lack of faith in Joss Whedon as it is placing his shows in a really bad time slot.

"Firefly" aired on Friday nights on Fox. IMO, Friday night is a bad time slot. Further, Fox would pre-empt the show to run something else (at least in my neck of the woods they did). So some Fridays, the show wouldn't even be on. I remember going three weeks and only seeing one episode of the show because they were broadcasting some other fluff the other two nights.