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May 6, 2009

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2

The finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was finally shown in the UK this Thursday. Opinions?

Well, my initial reaction was woah as presumably intended by the writers. Followed shortly by eh?

I'm not quite sure why John followed John Henry at all, it didn't seem to make sense. And then Sarah just stood by and watched. And where did the time machine come from in the first place? I think all the SFX budget went on that one episode. All a bit too crazy and obviously an attempt to create some press and maybe save the show.

Overall though, the series has been excellent, only the three dot dream stuff losing the plot (quite literally). The Scottish ex-Rockstar Terminator didn't turn out to be as terrible as I imagined either. It was at its best when John and Sarah were confronting their unreal existence, fighting for some normality in a life that has been a nightmare. The contrast between killer robots from the future and trying to live an invisible suburban life was handled very nicely, and low-key scenes were always favoured over hysterics. I thought Lena Headey did great job playing Sarah Connor, and despite all the fanboy uproar made the role her own, and made her much more believable than the muscle-bound crazy mother of T2.

Highly enjoyable.

I'm happy for the show to end at that. Better to leave memories of awesomeness than to descend into dirge like Heroes.


Loved it all. Agree that the last episode tried to shoehorn in as much as they could manage - logic be damned. A bit of a shame, but then I too enjoyed the "Woah" moments.
Was Weaver the liquid Terminator from the USS Jimmy Carter - prepped and sent back by JC to fight Skynet by building John Henry? I think so possibly but I'm not confident that I picked up everything that happened.
The prototype HK smashing into the building seemed entirely random and I have no clue why John suddenly felt compelled to jump to the future while Sarah decided to hang back.
Curiously I was left simultaneously confused and satisfied.

I had the strangest relationship with this show - I loved it during its short first season, and I loved every episode I saw in the second season...but...I...Just...Couldn't....force...myself....to - tedious. Sorry. - I couldn't force myself to watch it, I don't know why - I loved it, looked forward to it, but whenever it was about to come on I'd go alphabetize my CDs or something.

I was assigned to review it as part of my 'beat' on Republibot, and picked up half way through the season, and once again just completely loved the show all to death, but I can't figure out why I couldn't force myself to watch it.

Anyway, the 2/3rds of the season that I saw were very good, high quality, frequently unpredictable, and quite often kind of moving emotionally. I think Thomas Dekker is the best John Connor ever. My only caveat is that the "Helo Plot" with Ellison and John Henry and Shirley Manson of Garbage went on for too darn long, and was mostly irrelevant to the overall plot.

I get that they had to do it, but couldn't they have filled it with something a bit more interesting than them sitting in a lab week after week after week? Ellison is too good a character to waste on a 'meanwhile, back at the ranch' part like that.

Oh, I agree. I actually *like* the slow, ponderous approach most of the show had. I comment on it a lot on my site. I didn't think the ending was all that hysterical, though. I like that the sudden shift in to high gear took the characters as much by surprise as it did me.

If anyone's interested on your end of the Atlantic, this show is now officially dead. There's a really good insight as to why it ultimately failed online here http://denofgeek.com/television/254607/terminator_the_sarah_connor_chronicles_why_it_failed.html