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May 8, 2009

Star Trek Predictions On 42Blips

I’m one of the bloggers offering their opinion on Star Trek, old and new, in a 42Blips article entitled Sci-Fi Bloggers Make Their “Star Trek” Predictions.

It’s a veritable gaggle of SF bloggers including: Angela (Scifichick.com), Endy (Scificool.com), Cynthia Boris (SF Universe), Rich Edwards (News Editor SFX) and Michael R. Mennenga  (SliceofScifi.com).

I begin with…

I've never been a fan of “Star Trek.” “Star Wars” was the first film I saw, and so my childhood was consumed by the original trilogy. “Star Trek” was something that was shown early evenings on BBC2, with quaint special effects and melodramatic music.


Saw it at a preview last night. It's a really great movie. Embodies the fun spirit of the original series.
The audience spontaneously broke into applause at the end. Go see it.

I have to point out a couple of things to look for. Firstly the cast are note perfect. The new Kirk has a few subtle Shatnerisms in his performance but they don't stop him being his own man. The guy doing McCoy is brilliant too. Secondly, they've cooked up a great little plot device to restart the series without having to stick to Trek lore.
Lastly, the humour is spot on.
JJ Abrams can't do much wrong right now. I may go and watch Mission Impossible 3 again.

Star Trek was absolutely lousy!

Was there one second of that we were supposed to take seriously? (Seriously!)

First and foremost, the Kirk character was a one-dimensional jerk (rhymes with "Kirk.") Whatever he received or was entrusted with was completely un-earned by the character or the writing. Most glaringly, he was arbitrarily vaulted over his peers, all of whom were his senior.

The film was rife with pat Hollywood humor, special effects bonanzas, and action whatevers.

And by the way, this is now the third Trek film in which a giant thingamajig is on its way to Earth to destroy it. Get an original idea.

I didn't believe one second of this film.

The film was enjoyable eye candy with some decent acting. My big problem was it was DUMB! Romulus is destroyed and the Romulan ship and Spocks ship are thrown back in time via a black hole now the Romulan wants revenge? DAAAA!!!!
They been thrown back in time Romulus will now be saved they Know the exact time and cause of the planets destruction so now they have years to prepare and know one has to die!

Second big problem the effects on the ship it looks like a beer plant some of the inner workings looked cheap. Thirdly Kirk always gets the girl I always thought there was hidden heat between Ohura and Kirk in the original they ruined that fantasy and Kirk looses every fight he is in he gets his ass kicked three times before he finally defeats a midget Romulan. It felt like your typical action movie and ruined Star Trek all in one shot BOOOOOO!!!!

You're forgetting that the Kirk of the new film is a different Kirk from the original series/films due to the fact his father died due to the Romulan incursion. Therefore all preconceptions of who Kirk is or how he behaves are out of the window.

Same for all the other characters for that matter.

I thought it was a very clever film. And it was intensely enjoyable.

I can't wait for the next.. and I hope it's Abrams in charge of that one too.