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May 16, 2009

Star Trek, Now The Band Is Formed

I have seen the new Star Trek movie at the cinema. It was funny, slick, shiny, massively entertaining and not the slightest bit annoying. I really enjoyed it.

Wow. There’s three sentences I never thought I’d write.

JJ Abrams has taken Star Trek and made it accessible once again. There were lots of things I loved:

  • The lense flares! The future is bright and shiny.
  • The awesome cast.
  • The wit.
  • The lack of techno-babble.
  • The standard Star Trek plot tweaked with a dash of JJ to out-maneuver the fanboy canon snobs.

..but most of all..

  • The formation of “the band”.

For the first time the crew of the Enterprise felt like a gang, like a band, a group of equals forged together. I refuse to use the word team because it is cooler than that, less official, more primal. It was like the feeling when you play a gig and come out the other side, mistakes and all; together you can conquer the world! Or in this case the galaxy.

Not sure how I feel about a sequel. Bizarrely, I think I’d prefer an awesome TV series.

But in the meantime I actually want to go and see the film again.


Allow me to repeat my earlier comment. I left the theater pretty disappointed.

Star Trek was absolutely lousy!

Was there one second of that we were supposed to take seriously? (Seriously!)

First and foremost, the Kirk character was a one-dimensional jerk (rhymes with "Kirk.") Whatever he received or was entrusted with was completely un-earned by the character or the writing. Most glaringly, he was arbitrarily vaulted over his peers, all of whom were his senior.

The film was rife with pat Hollywood humor, special effects bonanzas, and action whatevers.

And by the way, this is now the third Trek film in which a giant thingamajig is on its way to Earth to destroy it. Get an original idea.

I didn't believe one second of this film.

Kirk answering a Nokia phone while listening to the Beastie Boys, and then going on to grope Uhura's breasts and grinning, characterise everything that's wrong with this movie.

I enjoyed it as B-grade SF, but it was truly, truly awful as a Star Trek reboot.

Not to mention "he went into a Black Hole! and then came out the other side!"