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May 6, 2009

SFSignal Mind Meld, Realistic Science In TV And Film

I took part in the latest SFSignal Mind Meld (TM) which asks:

Which SciFi films and/or television shows do the best job in adhering to realistic science? Which ones do the worst?

Other Meldees this time include Ben Bova and Alastair Reynolds, and there’s a healthy selection of contributors with PhDs!

It’s always fun doing these, but then also quite intimidating when reading the final post – all those other clever people saying clever things. It’s what it must feel like playing on Jools Holland’s Later… with all the other bands watching you.

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Gotta' be Babylon 5, don't you think? That show went out of its way to depict mostly-realistic physics. On the other hand, they completely blew the whole Martian Gravity thing, and they had sound in space (Something would blow up outside the station, and you could hear the bang inside)...