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May 8, 2009

Love And Hate

Things that Big Dumb Object has loved and hated this week:



  • Lost. It's like honey. Drugged honey. Drugged Science Fiction honey.
  • Freak Angels. I've come it late and so have approximately a years worth of episodes to catch up on. Which is nice. It's giving me the urge to dig out my old copies of Crisis.



  • Ashes To Ashes. It's given up any pretensions that it was SF and resorted to a weak eighties cop show. Not even close to being as good as Life On Mars, mainly due to missing the immense talents of John Simm.

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Lost is beyond good. It is what TV should be but isn't. It is once in a lifetime entertainment and storytelling on an amazingly grand scale that even SF titans like Bova, Baxter, etc., should be proud of. It is one of our genres in prime time and given the production value it deserves.