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May 4, 2009

Bank Holiday Science Fiction

It's Monday, it's May, I'm in the UK. It must be Bank Holiday.

Hurrah! Holidays are the best no matter where their origins stem from.

Traditionally a day when everyone wants to get outside in the spring sunshine but can't because it's raining. The result: TV and lots of old films.

In celebration here's this years best Bank Holiday Science Fiction films:


Back To The Future

It doesn't matter which one, they're all awesome. The third film seems to be having a terrestrial revival season.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It's written by Ian Fleming and contains a flying car and a scary child catcher. More crazy dream fantasy than Science fiction, but it has tunes. All together now... "Toot sweets, toot sweets".

Moonraker the James Bond film

Evil genius heads to space with a herd of space shuttles. Best Space Shuttle dog fighting ever filmed. I think it's law that a Bond film has to be shown on a Bank Holiday.


Any of the X-Men films, to tie in with the release of Wolverine.

Wallace And Grommit

With their clockwork steampunk contraptions and amusing adventures. Rapidly achieving inevitably-shown status.

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You know, Lois Chiles, who played Dr. Holly Goodhead in "Moonraker", was the first woman that ever made me feel all tingly in a special way that I can't quite describe. I was, I think, twelve when the movie came out. Hubba-hubba. Happy memories.