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May 6, 2009

Amazon Kindle DX Announced

Amazon has announced it's new Kindle DX ebook reader.

Hmm. It's got a bigger screen and looks nicer than the last version, and reads PDFs, but is clearly aimed at magazine and newspaper reading. It's still a long way away from a paperback ebook reader, which is what I want. Having said that, I haven't used a Kindle (I've tried a Sony Reader and was unimpressed) so maybe the hands on experience is better than the pictures.

Also on the downside is the bespoke Whispernet networking, which seems completely crazy and knocks out online access for anyone outside the US.. Why not use wi-fi?

For the inventors out there, what I want is a paper back book that can change the words on the page, I suggest using nanobots, but I'm not fussy. Until then I shall stick to real books.a

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Check out an article in Dan Simmons's forums concerning the "Kindle Swindle" and how they "pay" authors for their works being on the Kindle.

Also, Orson Scott Card went on at length over at Hatrack.com about the percentage that authors get for their books being on Kindle.

The device seems cool. But Amazon.com isn't playing with the writer's best interest at heart.