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April 28, 2009

State Of Play director Kevin Macdonald to make Asimov's The End Of Eternity

State Of Play director Kevin Macdonald has signed up to develop and direct an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's novel The End Of Eternity, says Digital Spy

Macdonald, who previously helmed documentary Touching The Void and The Last King Of Scotland, will direct Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum in Roman military drama The Eagle Of The Ninth this summer.

I am embarrassingly light on Asimov's catalogue of books, having only read the robot stories. What's End Of Enternity like? Should I read it now so I can pretend to be informed to film buffs?

Via Dave.

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I have read most of Asimovs sci fi books and even though the end of eternity is a stand alone (i.e not connected to the Robot series or the Foundation series) it is actually my fav. book by him. It's one of those books that deal with time travel in a way that doesn't have any really bad paradoxes. There is a subtle hint to the robot stories in it also.