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April 8, 2009

SF Signal Mind Meld, Forgotten Books

I took part in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld: What are the "Forgotten Books" of science fiction/fantasy/horror? where lots of people with better memories than me construct a massive list of books which are no longer in print and you should read, and I realise that the ‘out of print’ label applies to a couple of my favourite books sitting on my shelf.


I'd put "Earth Abides" up there, since that's just a beautiful book and pretty much no one's ever heard of it. "Voyage" by Stephen Baxter is *the* best alternate history, and a love letter to the old US Space Exploration Program (Back when we really had one), and again pretty much no one's heard of it. "Hello, America" by JG Ballard which just cracks me up every time I read it, then gives me strange dreams for a week; uhm...not really a 'novel' but the "Proud Robot" series by Lewis Padgett is one of the all time greats. Ibid the "Planetary" series by Stanley G. Weisbaum (Died young and is sadly mostly forgotten), "Ada" by Nabokov, which most people don't realize is SF (Alternate history), and pretty much anything by Stanislaw Lem, excepting Solaris, since most english speakers have never heard of him, but he's monumentally brilliant.

"All my sins remembered" by Haldeman. I don't think any Heinlein book is forgotten. "When Harlie was One" by Gerrold - very influential and prophetic. (I think it was the book whee the computer virus was first postulated.) "The Man Who Folded Himself" (Also by Gerrold) should've been the last time travel book...but wasn't.

so do you have any personal favorite "Forgotten books?"