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April 29, 2009

Paul DiFilippo Reviews New Comics

Paul DiFilippo review column “The Speculator” in the Barnes & Noble Review is rather good. This week he reviews a clutch of comics:

  • Freakangels, Volume 1 – Warren Ellis
  • Waltz with Bashir – Ari Folman
  • Tales from Outer Suburbia – Shaun Tan
  • American Splendor (Another Dollar) and The Beats- Harvey Pekar
  • Nocturnal Conspiracies – David B.

All of which sound so great I want to search them out and read them now. I haven’t read many comics recently, reading a page of FreakAngels reminds me why I should.

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Considering that Freakangels is free on the Internet, there is no reason why you should be reading it already.