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April 27, 2009

Most Wanted

Things that Big Dumb Object most wants this week:

  • It would have been nice to have read more of the Arthur C. Clarke Award list seeing as the winner is announced on Wednesday, but I’ve only completed Anathem and are currently reading The Quiet War. So, most wanted is more reading time, whether scavenged or forced.
  • The hype for both Wolverine and Star Trek is still winning me over, want to see both.

1 Comment

I think I've had the same basic relationship with Trek that many people have with organized religion: You're brought up in it, you believe it when you're young, you even love it, but then you get older, you have a few crises of faith, and then after college you just kind of drift away since you no longer believe in it and it doesn't really seem relevant to your life anymore.

I watched TNG every week, and complained voiciferously about it every other week, and at some point between the 3rd season of DS9 and the 2nd season of Voyager...I just sort of stopped caring and lost the faith. I know it lingered on for like another decade after that, but I never watched any of it, and I find I can't raise anything but mild annoyance at the previews for this movie.

I mean, they are good previews - how dare you make Trek look interesting and force me to question my athieism on the subject?