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April 17, 2009

Love and Hate

Things that Big Dumb Object loved and hated this week:


  • A new Doctor Who episode.
  • New Red Dwarf episodes.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The Freeview EPG calls the show “action packed”, but it’s not, it’s slow burning tension, and it’s excellent.
  • Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.



  • The new Doctor Who episode. Sigh.
  • The new Red Dwarf episodes. Well, they weren’t awful, just… redundant.

Is that conflict you sense in me? Yes.

1 Comment

The new Red Dwarf episodes were awful though... it was quickly apparent that it was Rob Grant who was the brains behind the gags, it seems, cos I laughed at just one thing in the whole sorry lot (when they came through the TVs and Cat lands on his feet).

It also went no way into explaining the end of the last series when we were left on a cliff-hanger. It just seemed to resume as if nothing from series 8 had happened. Awful. Please don't try and make any more (unless Rob Grant wants in!)